jeudi 31 mars 2016

based House of Tourism in Rostock

The Tourismusverband Mecklenburg-Vorpommern applies today its new location at the port of Rostock. In the last two years there was a modern office building, which will be used in future as the International House of Tourism. In the five-story building draw next to the Tourist ten other organizations, including the German Hotel and Restaurant Association (DEHOGA) of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, the Youth Hostel Association, the association shore leave and the coordination site health tourism.
Association President: More clout for the industryThis concentration of expertise is unique in Germany, announced Tourism Association President Jürgen Seidel. Seidel hopes that the cooperation between different actors in a confined space a competitive advantage for the tourism industry in the country.Country bears most of the costThe construction costs amount to almost 6.3 million euros, 5.4 million euros come from the Ministry of Economy in Schwerin. The associations and organizations working in the future on 2,600 square meters, there are 90 jobs have been set up. The Maison du Tourisme is scheduled to start on Friday.

Tourism in Frankfurt: Good start for the tourism year

 After a record 2015 could in January 2016 and a total of 668,233 overnight stays (+ 5.7 per cent compared to 2015) and 370 261 overnight guests (+ 3.7 per cent) are counted in Frankfurt. A good start to the year for tourism. A good exhibition business and a strong conference and event business beneficiary of overnight stays. The average length of stay increased to 1.8 days. The foreign market (+ 9.5 percent) significantly outperformed the domestic market develops in overnight stays (+ 2.1 percent). The largest foreign source market US has with 41 119 overnight stays (+ 15.6 percent) strongly increasing. Important emerging markets such as China (+ 38.3 percent), the Arab Gulf States (+ 4.8 percent) and India (+ 8 percent) also recorded Steigerungsraten.Die source markets Brazil (- 40.1 percent) and Russia (- 19.2 percent), however, are rapidly declining. The major European markets outperform over: UK (+13, 7 percent), Spain (+ 17.7 percent), Italy (+ 11, 8 per cent) and the Netherlands (+ 12.7 percent).

Tourism expects a record winter

Previously there were 55,000 guests and 100,000 overnight stays more to the end of February. So great concern (warm December no snow) at the beginning of the winter season in Styria was so great are now hopes to be able to create a new record winter balance. according Styria tourism This is suggested by the various interim balance sheets."The Easter weekend has gone extremely well," explains Ute Hödl, spokeswoman for Styria tourism. Officially, the winter season runs from April 30, it will also give the valid numbers. One thing is certain: Between November and the end of February there in arrivals increased by 5.2 percent to 1.22 million visitors - more than 55,700 plus compared to the previous season. The overnight stays rose by 2.6 percent to nearly 3.8 million, representing nearly 100,000 overnight stays more than in winter 2014/2015. Both the ski and the spa regions in this case have made gains. February was the strongest month of winter tourism. "But we were in February 2016 of still sit on," says Hödl. "It is particularly gratifying that we surpass without this very good result in February of 2015".

Easter helps tourism to good start to the season

Although East this year quite spring, tourists flocked numerous to Überlingen. The tourism industry hopes for a successful year.
Comfortably stroll along the lake, drinking coffee in the sun or enjoy on the steps at the landing place an ice: The Überlinger promenade was over the Easter holidays again popular destination for locals and visitors. "Even if we do not have any concrete figures, the overall impression is quite positive," says Ann-Christine Biesinger of the spa and tourism Überlingen GmbH (KUT). So the rush at the Tourist Information during the long weekend was very large. The first signals confirm the hotel operator and owner had turned out very positive. "Of course, we are optimistic for the season," says Biesinger.
That was not necessarily to be expected. "Normally an early Easter is not so good for business," said the Kut-Marketing Manager. Unlike Pentecost and the summer holidays, for people often well in advance to plan their holiday, the Easter business was dependent on a large number of spontaneous travelers. If the resurrection hard fall early in the calendar, there is a danger that many tourists again prefer skiing in the mountains the getaway on Lake Constance. "Since then has been the weather play and since we really had this year luck."That the business but is not mandatory dependent on the weather, the sales showed in Eisparadies on landing place. Although the sun on Saturday and on Monday significantly more burning, the crowd was there, according to the operators, on Sunday at its greatest.Unlike that looked on the lake. The Easter Saturday was clearly the best day, probably even better than last year again, "says Thomas Held from shipping operations hero. This was confirmed by Joseph Siebler, spokesman for the Bodensee (BSB). Alone on Saturday were around 10 000 passengers with the White Fleet on the go. Seen on the whole Easter weekend, it was over the previous year about 5,000 passengers more.In smaller dimensions because thinks Thomas Held, for its operation, Easter business is of great importance. "Especially the holidays are very important to us. Since we are a large part of the annual business, "said Thomas Held. With some care why he looks ahead also because not only Easter, but also the Ascension and Pentecost, come quite early this year. "For us, it means a longer dry spell until the summer, we have to overcome."

Japan relies on tourism: number of visitors to be doubled

Tokyo - Looking for new growth drivers for the weakening economy, the Japanese government discovered tourism for itself. The number of foreign visitors to be doubled by 2020 to 40 million per year, was Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on Wednesday in Tokyo as the destination. "Tourism is an important part of our economic growth strategy," Abe said after a cabinet meeting. 2030, even be lured annual 60 million visitors.
The 20 million tourists who went last year in the Asian country, spent the equivalent of nearly 28 billion euros. Even this sum will be doubled by 2020th For this, the government wants to facilitate visa requirements and allow more flights. Also art and cultural treasures to be promoted more strongly abroad.The third largest after the US and China economy in the world hopes that the tourism new impetus to the economy, which is suffering from weakening exports and thrifty consumers. Many retailers in Tokyo are already benefiting from the growing number of visitors from China who purchase mainly electronics and clothing en masse in order to resell at home. The government hopes that an increasing tourism also benefits rural areas, where many temples and shrines lure. (APA / Reuters)

Tourism in Quedlinburg New plans for Bad Suderode and Gernrode

BAD LEONFELDEN. In Bad leonfelden and in the cross-border cooperation take the schools a high priority. Of great importance for the site have the Tourism Schools Bad Leonfelden: The popular educational institution takes an important stimulus to the tourism industry in the spa town and also takes in the cross-border tourist cooperation a high priority. The currently executing application stage shows the attractiveness of tourism education in Bad Leonfelden: From the autumn, four new classes are conducted with approximately 120 students at the "Baletour" again. The new students come not only from Upper Austria and neighboring states, but also from the Czech Republic. This aspect plays in the tourist cooperation with the northern neighbor an important role: Again and again end up graduates of Bad Leonfeldner schools in responsible positions and are in charge of good networking for important, long-term momentum. Headmaster Herbert Panholzer delighted as those responsible for the Kurverbandes Bad Leonfelden. They know what they have "their" tourism schools. "The highly trained professionals are for us a very important pillar in the field work and in the cross-border activities with South Bohemia," said Bad Leonfeldens Kurverbands-chairman Wolfgang Hochreiter.

Thomas Weber start in his "Kabirinett" with the All-tourism

rom a small village, the conquest of the moon seen from the extraterrestrial destination. The bizarre laughter and Schmunzelgeschichte, packed with clichés, is told in "Kabirinett" in Großhöchberg.
"No," stresses Thomas Weber, "that's not a misprint." His new one-man piece is actually "Schwäbisch All". In the subtitle, the head of the "Kabirinetts" has immortalized in Spiegelberger district Großhöchberg: "Weber leaves a fly". Actually, it would have to be called correctly "leaves a fly". Because for the start of the lunar tourism old Luckscheitere was selected for a dependent, but not low-maintenance lady. At 384,400 kilometers distant earth satellite which Luckscheitere will naturally bring her walker. They probably will not forget sweeping wiper blade and cutter, especially no luggage fee is charged. Since the last astronaut in December 1972 Eugene Cernan was up there, so no one has made clean.

Großhöchberg that encircled the borders of three counties village is, "for superlatives as created" in Weber's opinion. Were it otherwise, it would mean as the neighboring hamlet, so Kleinhöchberg. After all, Weber, born in 1974 in Stuttgart, 2000, a cultural temple set in a converted modelten Scheuer, whom he calls "Trial Stage in the country". Because there is nowhere like it, he had to invent for its own name: "Kabirinett".

"Schwäbisch All" is the galactic alternative to Dom-Rep to Thai and Milan. Transport is the missile "Alluna 1" screwed together on the farm, transported to the launch site in the meadow with the loader wagon, decorated with Vorhängle and pillows. The balcony is not missing, the journey takes even 16 days. For the crescent there are special offers.

Interest in the all-inclusive change of scenery thanks to "Space Tours Großhöchberg" is very high, learn the amused audience. Thanks to the all-in-one tariff will certainly not tear down the communication connection to the Swabian Forest.

Weber on waiting with a fun mix of puns, profound things and background technical hitches. Two hour pleasure. Because it is a Weber'sches Kulinarstück again, there is also a Swabian food. Perhaps the dishwasher (type "Miele Active SC") has to do with the cooking process.